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Her story, her words, her journey, her fears.
Nightmares Angel

I was scared out of my skin, petrified. I couldn't move or breath... Then it took me further.
The Alchemist's Key

From rags to riches, a discovery of ancient science combined with modern technology, in a time where Alchemy is the universal elixir, all fused together to secure a family's future.
ZOE'S Security Service

"Set in a dystopian future, rogue security officer Zoe MacGraw must help a former lover and his wife escape a contaminated City by guiding them through a vicious underground Basement, which leads to greener pastures."
The Offer - Short Film

A woman’s life has its fair share of ups and downs, then she catches her husband in bed with another woman and her life is turned inside out. Struggling with her inner demons she asks the one person she thinks she can trust to get rid of her cheating husband only to find out her husband has similar plans for her.

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